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Chaosium, Inc. is one of my proudest accomplishments.
Chaosium was one of the original companies for the Hobby Game Industry, and was famous for its innovative and professionally produced product.
I founded it in 1975 and ran it, as president, from then until 1998.
Here is a collection of articles, reminiscences and other stories about my time there.

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List of Chaosium Products

My thanks to Rick Meints for this list

Shannon Applecline's "History of Chaosium"

Shannon was a valuable employee at Chaosium for many years, is an expert on games of all sorts, and author of a series of insightful articles about the history of our industry. Here is a reprint of his excellent chapter concerning Chaosium:
"a Brief History of Games, chapter #3: CHAOSIUM: 1975-PRESENT."
It's the best frame upon which to hang the details in my write ups.

How Chaosium Came to Be, Before it was a game company...

Before Chaosium: Wyrd
How I Made My First Game
How I Made Chaosium
How Chaosium Grew
Reflections on My Term There – being prepared

History of Publications, The Board Games

Chaosium published 13 board games while I was president. Here are some memories of how these games were made:
White Bear & Red Moon, , Nomad Gods , Elric , Troy , Lords of the Middle Sea , King Arthur’s Knights , Stomp , Dragon Pass , Reich , Raiders & Traders, Panzer Pranks, Arkham Horror , Credo

History of Publications, The Roleplaying Games

Chaosium was famous for our high quality roleplaying games. We became a roleplaying game company and published eight separate games, each with a variety of supplements, while I was president.

RuneQuest , Basic Roleplaying , Stormbringer , Call of Cthulhu , Superworld , Pendragon , Worlds of Wonder , Nephilim

History of Publications, The Other Games

Thieves' World
Different Worlds Magazine
Midkemia Games (Cities, Carse, Tulan)
Perilous Encounters
Engage and Destroy
Vive L'Emperor

Chaosium and Avalon Hill, The Great Fiasco

Mythos, Card Games Bring Death

The Breakup

Since Then

Other Game Stories

The First D&D ever sold
How We Got D&D in Thieves World
My favorite Avalon Hill Editorial Story

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